VietHope Executive Committee in Vietnam 2018

2018 is a very special year for VietHope, especially for the Vietnam team due to HR and organizational changes. This is the first time we organize a Core Team of 5 volunteers, who each manage a program. The Core team members are receiving professional coaching on teamwork and program management […]

Ban Điều Hành VietHope Việt Nam 2018

Năm 2018 là một năm rất đặc biệt với VietHope, nhất là với team Việt Nam bởi những sự thay đổi lớn trong cấu trúc nhân sự. Lần đầu tiên VietHope VN có Core Team, nơi mà từng chương trình sẽ có từng bạn phụ trách riêng,và cũng  là lần […]

President’s letter Quarter 1 – 2017

Dear VietHope friends After finishing 2016 with new heights in scholarship impact and fundraising, we at VietHope have been working hard in the last few months on strengthening our operations, organizational structure, and visions for 2017 and beyond. In this letter, I will give an overview of VietHope’s achievements in […]

President’s letter Quarter 3 – 2016

Dear VietHope friend, I am elated to announce the success of VietHope’s inaugural Youth Development Program’s week-long summit in Hue, Central Vietnam, this past August. This is an important milestone for our relentless effort of reaching out to and supporting more poor students in Central Vietnam, where median household income […]

80 freshmen awarded with USP scholarship for 2015-2016

After nearly 3 months of selection via 2 rounds (application form and interview round) #VietHope proudly presented 80 students in Hue, Saigon and CanTho city to receive USP scholarship for the academic year 2015-2016. These new USP recipients instantly showed up their talents and teamwork capability via group presentation and debate. Moreover, there is rising interest in the […]